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Tips to Choose Web and App Development Companies

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Web and app development companies at the moment offer one of the largest workforces worldwide and this trend is bound to continue. DataboxStudio, a web development company reveals that the growth promises to be astronomical based on the consumption trend of the global populace. Still, on the matter of consumption, almost every company today needs a digital footprint in order to stay relevant in the market. This results in a rush for web and app development companies to carry [...]

5 Advantages of a Custom PHP Development

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AToday, web application developers download the design template made in common open source PHP frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Bootstrap, Cake PHP, Laravel and much more. After having a custom theme, a lot more creativity and innovative ideas are required to build a custom PHP application. Normally, big applications like ERP, CRM, and Data mining are considered as custom business applications. The robust client applications include total licensing fees, copyrighted software and expensive hardware to operate in the correct way. [...]

WordPress Website Can be Protected from Malware

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A As is often the case in life, getting a new WordPress website more than a one-and-done deal. Much like how maintenance and protective acts are needed to keep your vehicle in good shape, you should also take steps to keep your website secure. In this article, DataboxStudio will be sharing rules for keeping your WordPress website safe from malware attacks. Types of Malware Attacks There are various malware attacks that can hijack or disable your website, but [...]